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Terms & Notices

REAP tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. REAP is an educational and networking program designed to empower multicultural professionals and facilitate their entry in the commercial real estate field. Program enrollment does not expressly guarantee candidate career placement.

Unauthorized Use of REAP's Name and Brand

For over 20 years, REAP has pursued a philosophy of constructive engagement with the CRE community. That mission has been to demonstrate the value proposition of minority real estate professionals and those who aspire to enter the industry. The capability, drive and accomplishments of our 1,000+ alumni are the living, breathing symbols of the wisdom of diversity & inclusion imperatives. Likewise, the professionalism and commitment of our staff to the promotion of talented human capital has been a key component of how REAP has served the CRE sector.

We are aware that REAP’s name has been invoked without our authorization. We object strongly to this exploitation of REAP’s brand for unsanctioned objectives and remain steadfast in our mission of realizing diversity and equity in the commercial real estate industry.

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