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Why You Should Apply to The REAP Academy

Receive in-depth instruction from industry leaders 

REAP, widely recognized as the nation’s premiere diversity initiative in CRE, offers intensive, customized, virtual, and in-person instruction from some of the industry’s foremost leaders – many professionals of color, many of whom are REAP alumni

Gain career advancement and the potential for substantial salary increases

REAP’s first Impact Report, released this year, Diversifying the Talent Pipeline in CRE for 25Years,  demonstrates significant alumni advancement: 71 % transitioned into, maintained, or enhanced their positions in CRE; 56% saw a significant shift in their career trajectory; 46% of those making $100K+ and 13 % making over $200,000K reported a significant salary increase; 34% were elevated to senior or executive level roles within CRE; 85% said their approach to exploring new CRE professional goals, career paths, or entrepreneurial opportunities was substantially impacted.

Expand access to major trade associations

Joining the REAP community offers an intro to and contacts with representatives from the industry’s top trade associations, including ICSC, Urban Land Institute (ULI), BOMA, and NAIOP.  Affiliation with these groups proves to be invaluable in propelling career trajectories. 

Discover role models, develop mentorships, and find long-lasting peer support 

Classes, site tours, and networking events offer rare opportunities for one-on-one interactions with top-tier CRE leaders. Role models are always encouraging and often inspiring; mentorships may develop with REAP instructors and/or alumni; peers establish long-lasting relationships that serve and support them throughout their careers. The results may be transformative.

Leverage the newly remodeled REAP framework

Becoming a part of the REAP community extends advantages during and long after completion of the program. Alumni are eligible to join the Advanced Learning program; fellows and alumni participate in networking events nationwide and in their market; all have access to the REAP job board. 

Attain increased visibility through digital platforms and PR

Accomplishments of REAP fellows and alumni are showcased through multiple social media platforms, REAP’s website, and its blog/newsletter and through public relations outreach to local, industry, and other media outlets. 

Earn designation as a REAP alumni

Being a REAP alumni is a distinction recognized and respected throughout the industry, aiding in career advancement through corporate channels or entrepreneurial ventures.

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