Mission Statement

To advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the commercial real estate industry through education, mentorship, and partnerships. 

About REAP

REAP exists because the commercial real estate industry's professional ranks are less than 2% minority at management levels. During its short existence, REAP has increased that minority cohort by 10%—by spotlighting a talent pool that was always there, but previously unacknowledged.

Over 1600 REAP graduates now work for leading firms in the industry, from London to Los Angeles, New York to New Mexico.

REAP's recruiting process is competitive and selective, attracting credentialed, career-changing, professionals—architects, bankers, engineers, MBAs, lawyers and salespeople. They know how to add value to a company's bottom line.

Employers meet potential minority employees not in mandatory diversity training, but in voluntary, business-oriented opportunities that raise comfort levels on both sides. REAP's success has been validated by leading minority professional groups like Black MBAs, Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, National Organization of Minority Architects, and REEC (Real Estate Executive Council), and through REAP's affiliation with the Business Schools at Howard and Clark Atlanta Universities.

REAP was launched in Washington, D.C. (1998); Atlanta (2001); New York City (2006); Chicago (2009); Los Angeles (2011); Cleveland (2012); Columbus (2014); Dallas (2015); and Kansas City (2017).

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