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Updated: May 22, 2022


May 12, 2022


NATIONAL - Project REAP (Real Estate Associate Program), one of the nation’s leading change agents for male and female diversity and inclusion in commercial real estate, is pleased to welcome Amazon as an Executive Diamond sponsor, currently REAP’s highest level of support. This partnership joins two companies who are committed to bringing more diverse talent into commercial real estate and helping them advance within the industry – including real estate development.

In making the announcement, Manikka Bowman, the executive director of Project REAP said, “This represents a strategic partnership born of shared values and objectives. The investment aligns Project REAP’s history of positioning dynamic men and women of color – Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian professionals – to enter the field of commercial real estate at every level of the talent pipeline. I’m elated Amazon will build on Project REAP’s 24-year success to enhance its DEI goals.”

G. Lamont Blackstone, Project REAP Chair, said, “I thank Daniel Mallory, Amazon vice president of Worldwide Ops Real Estate and his visionary leadership for investing in and supporting this promising partnership to advance diversity, equity and inclusion—and at a national level. It’s important that future talent pools of BIPOC professionals become familiar with the industry leaders shaping the future of commercial real estate.”

In addition to sponsoring Project REAP, Amazon will enhance Project REAP’s presence in Seattle and Nashville, metropolitan markets where Amazon has established a key presence.

“Amazon understands the need to hire, promote, and foster talent from diverse backgrounds as part of the company’s mission to be Earth’s best employer,” said London Kemp Boykin, director Global Portfolio Strategy & Transactions at Amazon, Project REAP graduate and current Project REAP board member. “We look forward to working with Project REAP as we continue to invest in this initiative across our commercial real estate teams, helping to cultivate the future leaders of our industry and this organization.”

Nine Amazonians identified as future leaders are enrolled in the 2022 REAP/ Urban Land Institute (ULI) Academy. Upon graduating, they will join other Amazon Project REAP graduates including: Nat Centeno, Amazon asset manager and former Project REAP board member, and Marissa John, associate corporate counsel, in continuing Project REAP’s mission. Amazon also is pleased to be a presenting speaker for one of the Academy’s sessions.

For nearly 25 years, Project REAP has created a path for diverse talent to enter and ascend the field of commercial real estate through education and networking, an economic sector where persons of color are traditionally dramatically under-represented. The shortfall is particularly evident in the C-Suite and top management roles. Since its founding, Project REAP has provided comprehensive instruction in commercial real estate in leading U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Columbus, Kansas City, Washington DC, and New York City. In 2020, it partnered with ULI to create the virtual REAP/Urban Land Institute (ULI) Academy that currently enrolls over 200 fellows each year.

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Caption: Screenshot of the incoming class of the REAP/Urban Land Institute (ULI) Academy Spring 2022.

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